Portable and Packs-away: Kreg Mobile Project Centre

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Since its release in Australia late last year, Kreg’s mobile project centre has been snapped up by those wanting an affordable but solid bench and assembly surface. Woodworkers are now understanding the versatility this sturdy folding unit provides.

The Kreg mobile project centre table opens to 800 x 700mm and supports up to 158kg. Set it up, pack it away or take it with you for convenience, and look to a range of inline and bench clamps for versatile holding capabilities.


New accessories include the Kreg In-Line Clamp which gives you the helping hand you need, when you need it, with the versatility and power you want for a wide variety of do-it-yourself and woodworking tasks. The clamp applies up to 250 lbs of clamping force and swivels to clamp from any angle on almost any shape workpiece or assembly. Fits into any 3/4" dog hole, and works well with the Kreg project centre shown above. The Kreg 3" Bench clamp and Base mounts quickly and easily to any work surface that has 3/4" or 20mm bench dog holes.

Learn more from www.carbatec.com.au

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