New HNT Vice Out in Front

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The HNT Gordon front vice is new on the market and offers an alternative design to traditional front vices. The handle is practical and comfortable with a smooth winding action that requires no excessive force to hold your work and also will not rack in any work holding situation.


Made from high grade aluminium, this vice is light but strong and has a precision mating surface between the aluminium shaft and plastic bushes. The aluminium jaw is also kind to any unexpected blows from a plane or chisel. The side of your bench forms the ‘back jaw’ of the vice and if made square to the underside of your bench the front jaw will pull up squarely to it, holding material firmly with minimal force.


The jaw is 160mm x 230mm and the vice opens to 150mm and installation is simple. The thread is 6 TPI ACME for fast, smooth action. Leather may be added to the jaws for workholding that isn't quite square. Tested in the HNT workshop at a daily capacity for four years to ensure quality

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