New Bandsaw Guides from Vesper Tools

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In 2018 Vesper Tools is celebrating 20 years of making fine tools. A new addition to their range is brand new bandsaw guide assemblies and replacement parts for some older guides. These are modeled on the old Wolfenden style of guide system with case hardened steel thrust wheel and guide blocks. They are all made in-house with the same thought and dedication to precision that has made Vesper Tools world famous.


The guides are made for the big cast iron bandsaw machines of yesteryear, for which suitable replacement guide parts have not been available for many years. They can also be fitted to many newer lighter weight bandsaws of around 18" wheel dia and larger.

On smaller machines these guides could, in the words of Chris Vesper, ‘be akin to putting a V8 on a lawnmower as they are large and heavy and designed to fit on machines that are similarly built’. Fitting the new guides can sometimes require the making and supply of an adapter block. The standard mounting shaft diameter is either 3/4" dia or 20.00mm dia and the Vesper guides are available in either size with any length mounting rod available by request.

The guide assemblies and spare parts will fit straight onto most Wolfenden and Tannerwitz machines. The whole assembly can easily be retrofitted to Barker, Wadkin, Laguna, Hammer/Felder, and other brands.

With the modern machines it is sometimes only possible to retrofit the new guides to the upper due to lack of room underneath the table for these more substantial guide assemblies. This is not a problem as the old bottom guides can still be utilised but are not required to the same extent because the improved upper guides will do the heavy lifting of blade guidance. Perhaps surprisingly, it has been proven for a long time that a bandsaw will perform amazingly well with no lower guides at all.

A special kit for the Hitachi CB-75 Resaw machines is also available to retrofit top and bottom guides and the blade guard.

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