Reviewed by Raf Nathan

Scratchstocks are a great way to knock up quick profiles such as beads. Yes you can do it on a router, but sometimes for short runs or if you don't have the right router cutter, a scratchstock is the answer. This offering is sold under the Hock Tools label although it is made by Isaac Fisher of California.

The body is well made from bamboo laminate and everything is nicely profiled and finished, with two positions to fix the supplied spring steel cutters. The cutters are securely held in place with a screw. One cutter is formed to a bead and the other is blank, ready to be shaped by you. The tool works well and I formed a bead quite quickly on a test piece of wood.

For me cutting of beads is a vigorous exercise and the bamboo tool body was too small to enable me to really power into the cut. For the tool and two cutters it is not however a big spend.

From Professional Woodworkers Supplies, tel (03) 9776 1521,

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