HNT Gordon Moving Fillister Plane

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Reviewed by Damion Fauser

HNT Gordon’s new moving fillister plane is designed to cut fast and accurate rebates. Available in a range of species, the one shown is made from bull oak. Out of the box this is an exquisite tool. With beautifully machined brass fittings and fixtures, a 4.75mm thick O1 tool steel blade hardened to RC 62-64 and an M2 HSS nicker blade, it’s clear no compromise has been made with regard to the quality of materials used. The brass sole will ensure a reduction in wear and therefore a longer working life.


The depth stop, nicker, fence and blade are all fully adjustable and one feature that I really like is the ruler scale on the depth stop and fence to give maximum accuracy when setting up for a precise cut. The threads on the adjustment mechanisms are tight and clean with very little play. As with all handplanes, make your final setting on the forward turn to avoid backlash. Blade setting is easy, and the blade is secured with a smooth and positive thumbscrew.

Optimised for cross-grain rebates, the bladeissetatapitchof60°andhasa20° skew. When cutting long-grain rebates, the higher pitch means this tool will work better in trickier woods and on those occasions where you must work against the grain. The cutting action of the skew angle will keep the tool registered against the reference face of the stock. The maximum rebate dimensions that can be cut are 43mm wide x 16mm deep.


Moving fillisters, like all joinery handplanes, should be able to remove waste quickly and efficiently and this is no exception. It fits naturally and comfortably in the hand and at 267mm long and approximately 2.3kg (depending on the species of the body), this tool has an impressive heft that helps keep the tool registered and maintain momentum in the cut.


I tested the plane in both hoop pine and jarrah and the results were flawless. This is not a tool that will suit everybody’s budget, but I believe it is extremely good value for what you are getting. Like me, if you have a small number of rebates to cut at any one time, you’ll know that it can be done quicker with a handplane than the time taken to set up and use a machine. If this is your style of woodworking then this tool will be a superb investment.

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