Gilly Stephenson’s Cabinetmaker’s Wax

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Reviewed by Damion Fauser

For smaller projects I like to use a wax finish – it gives a great polish that not only nourishes the wood but also leaves a wonderfully tactile surface.

Gilly Stephenson’s is a Western Australian business that produces a clear cabinetmaker’s paste wax that I’ve found to be ideal for this purpose.

Based on beeswax and carnauba wax, this is a very easy polish to apply. With appropriate surface preparation, sparing application and diligent buffing, you will achieve a finish that is pleasing to both the eye and the touch.

I also like to use this product for my steel machine table surfaces. A light application achieves two purposes. Firstly, it makes the tables slick, which assists with the machining process. Secondly, here in the humidity of Queensland, it helps protect the steel from corrosion.

Available in 100gm, one and two litre cans from hardware stores or, this is one of my favourite workshop products.

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