This is a quick to use polish designed to go over over existing finishes on furniture and floors. According to the specs it is made of a combination of refined oils and not suitable for use over bare wood. Importantly it is silicone free. It is applied with a damp cloth and clean up is with water, however the notes imply that it is similar in safety needs to other common solvent based polishes. Don't drink it.

I found it gave a quick silky feel and 'removed' small scratches and the like quite well. This is the product to use pre-delivery if your original finish has dropped off. I used to it freshen up a backing board that had had one coat of shellac. It gave a wax feel and added gloss to the otherwise matt sanded shellac.

It won't fix a bad finishing job but it is a good maintenance polish to keep things looking good. I found the Mastertouch polish quite useful.

Available from hardware stores and woodwork supply shops. 

More info at

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