Excalibur Magic Gripper Pro Gravity Clamps

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Review and photos: Linda Nathan

Sometimes an extra pair of feet as well as hands can come in handy in the workshop. These door or panel clamps will work for you in various ways.

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They work ‘automatically’, meaning the weight of the material inserted locks the spring-loaded mechanism. Panels and boards from 15mm to 55mm thick can be inserted up to a weight of 100kg and no screwing, locking or tools are required. Lift the panel and without weight the clamp simply opens. Adjusting for width of material is via thumbscrews and a thumbwheel on the base.

If you’re fitting hinges on a door or working on a panel, these clamps area very convenient and secure way of standing things up.

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Supplied in packs of two we found them very handy for standing up a large benchtop to free up space for other work to continue. As floor stands these clamps are a great asset. For onsite work they can be even more useful, and not just for workholding.

Two of these clamps plus three pieces of board can equal a portable workstation that will provide enough stability for most hand and powered operations. You could also use them to create an instant screen or display.

Made from very hard polystyrene, the clamps are also provisioned for fitting of wheels or pads and also rods for securing two clamps in workstation mode for even more functionality.

Review clamps supplied by Excalibur Tools, (02) 9624 7200, www.excaliburtools.com

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