Elipse P3 Dust Mask

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Review: Raf Nathan

You can use disposable paper masks for pretty good dust protection in the workshop. If you want to ‘dispose’ less though, get a real dust mask that only needs the filters replaced.

This UK-made half face mask by Elipse is rated for protection against dust, metal fumes, certain smoke, wood dust, MDF and asbestos and is approved to European Standard. The label says it can trap 99.97% of airborne particles, which is outstanding (although a beard will reduce this).

The mask is soft-fitting with two adjustable elastic bands. It is rated as medium/large in size although I would have preferred it to be slightly larger.

There are two long-life replaceable filters that are quite slim and do not obstruct your view. You can’t wash the filters and re-use them but replacement filters are around $19 for a two-pack.

The mask is comfortable to wear for extended periods and I found it did not fog my spectacles at all. The exhalation valve is good and importantly there was no restriction in breathing. You should wipe out the inside of the mask after use to mop up corrosive sweat, and a regular wash and dry is recommended to look after the mask.

Over a two week period the mask has been worn for all kinds of wood machining and sanding and the filters still look as though they have hardly been used. Recommended for workshop use.

Review mask from Carroll’s Woodcraft Supplies www.cwsonline.com.au

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