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Review and photos: Raf Nathan

Most portable dust extractors work very well, but used regularly the collection bags will fill quickly. You can empty the bags (a messy operation), and re-use or dispose of them when full to then fit a new bag. In some cases the bags alone are $12 each or more.

Adding on a pre-separator like a mini cyclone by Oneida of the USA has two benefits. It lets the collection bag capture only the finest dust so the majority of waste goes into a large box, extending the life of the bag immensely. Secondly, airflow through the system is greatly increased and this boosts suction performance.


With this Oneida separator a mini- cyclone captures dust at the top of the unit. The finer particles swirl at the top and are dragged away by the vacuum. The factory bag only collects the finest dust and may need emptying then only every few months. The bulk of the waste goes into the large 34 litre box which can be used with or without plastic bags. Oneida claim 99% fine particle capture with this unit.

Using the Systainer clips, the Dust Deputy Box separator fits perfectly on Festool CT 26/36/48 vacuums. I have a CT-midi however, a cheaper unit which required some mods to accept the box.


The large hose from the extractor was re-routed and I had to find and use a right-angle fitting at the top. The pressure relief valve and tube at the back was also re-routed. Use of this valve depends on whether you use plastic bags or not to collect dust.

Note that Festool do not officially endorse this unit, however I recommend considering a dust extractor upgrade like this. In a busy modern workshop using power sanders, routers and the like constantly, the dust extractor is the most used power tool. Anything that lessens wood dust and keeps the workshop cleaner is great value and the Oneida certainly does that.

Available from www.carbatec.com.au

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