• Kerry Cameron decorates the rim of a bowl using the grip. Photo: Gary Bidgood
    Kerry Cameron decorates the rim of a bowl using the grip. Photo: Gary Bidgood
  • Using the grip.
    Using the grip.
  • Guide in use.
    Guide in use.
  • Showing the grip attachment.
    Showing the grip attachment.

Words and photos: Kerry Cameron

The new Dremel 4200 is a high performance rotary tool with a new ‘EZ Change’ system. The tool comes with seven attachments and 40 accessories all in a moulded carry case. When I first opened the package my first thought was, why all the attachments? Reading the general description it states that, with the included attachments, the tool ‘is intended to function as a grinder, carver, engraver, sander, wire brush and cleaner/polisher’. The operating/safety instructions have good graphics and each attachment comes with separate instructions.

The 4200 comes with some great new features, the most touted being the quick-release collet mechanism. Pressing down on two levers releases the shaft of the attached accessory and does make changes quick and easy. Both the tool and flexible shaft are supplied with a 3.2mm (1/8”) collet that matches all accessories supplied.

The electronic feedback allows the tool to maintain its speed under load and is a standout feature. You can feel the difference as the pressure is increased or relaxed when using any of the accessories. Two innovative mandrels are included, one for the drum sanders and another for the cutting/sanding disc. These also make changeovers quick and easy.

I found the flexible shaft, ‘detailers grip’ and the cutting shield the most versatile of the attachments, offering safety and comfort of use that makes this model Dremel one of the best rotary tools on the market.

Overall this is an excellent innovative addition to the Dremel rotary tool range, its electronic feedback and power makes it good for heavy-duty work and it would be a great addition to any workshop.

I am considering acquiring it to join my 18 year old MultiPro Dremel that has served me well, although I would like a package that contained only the flexible shaft, shield and grip as attachments along with the available extra collets to suit my other various shaft sized burrs.

Review tool supplied by Bosch Power Tools: www.bosch-pt.com.au

First published in Wood Review, issue 84.

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