Reviewed by Raf Nathan

This could be power tool of the year. The DeWalt designer/engineers have come up with a great small 1/4" router/trimmer. I reviewed the fixed base version of this a couple of years ago and liked it a lot. That model now costs around $270. However hunt around for pricing and you’ll find the premium kit, which is what you want, for not much more in real terms.

The heart of the tool is the 620 watt variable speed 16000–2700 rpm motor fitted in an aluminium body. The body slips into the basic base for hand-held use like freehanding edges and hogging out waste. However, slip it into the plunge base and it becomes a super versatile small router.

The plunge base has depth stop and height markings and simple to use lever plunge/lock action. A good cast fence is supplied which I added a wood subfence too. Another pressed metal fence is also included but personally I did not like its design or find it necessary.

Two included dust shrouds to fit the plunge and fixed base are in the kit and work quite well but do obscure vision. All this comes with two small LEDs in the body to (partially) light the work area and centring cone and a plastic carry case.

None of this is quite as solid as DeWalt’s heavier routers however don’t drop it too much and it should last forever. My only criticism is about the switch which is too small and fiddly to use.

The plunge base setup is perfect for small jobs. Importantly the tool also suits delicate work like rebating, hinge setting and inlay work. Overall this has become a favourite power tool of mine and is highly recommended.

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