Colen Clenton 500mm Square

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Reviewed by Anton Gerner

A few years ago I asked Colen Clenton if he could make a bigger square. I pointed out that there aren’t really any high quality large squares available for furniture makers, other than roofing squares, which are hardly precision tools.

I wanted something that could be used to assist with the assembly of cabinets and for setting out large joints across 500mm. Colen has now added a huge 500mm square to his range, that is basically a giant version of his well known recalibratable squares.


I am now the proud owner of one of these giant squares and I can tell you it’s a beautiful tool indeed. The weight and scale of it creates a real presence and just oozes quality.

This square is just what I have been wanting for a very long time. I am able to sit the square inside a cabinet during glue up and not have to worry about it falling over while I tighten up clamps. It just sits there under its own weight.


For checking panels have been cut on the panel saw, this square is ideal. I’ve also used it for marking out locations for shelves on carcase sides (over 400mm width) with precision accuracy.

The real beauty of Colen Clenton’s squares (apart from the fact they look nice and are exceptionally well finished), is that they can be recalibrated back to square. This is done by adjusting two small screws at the end of the handle. I reckon this feature alone makes this square worth the cost.


My square, which has a beautiful lace sheoak handle, came calibrated and ready to use. It has proven to be very accurate over the length of the blade and has so far not needed any recalibration.

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