Bench Grippers Take Hold

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Manufactured from hardwearing materials, the Slipstick Bench Gripper is a repositionable 70mm disc, coated in a special non-slip rubber compound, which is placed under objects to provide maximum support and grip.

The high-quality Bench Gripper is designed in Australia and distributed locally by Timbermate Group, has countless uses in every workshop and home.


Applications for the Bench Gripper fall into two broad categories: as a non-slip aid for handyman projects in the workshop or home; and as a footing or levelling support for furniture and machinery in all residential or commercial settings.

When used in the workshop, the Bench Gripper is an extra pair or hands. Place one or more discs under pieces of timber or metal to prevent unwanted slippage, particularly when sanding or cutting, or to secure fixed angles of alignment while tooling. Alternatively, use multiple Bench Grippers in stacks to elevate materials or objects for easy access to underside surfaces.


Painters will also appreciate the option of using ‘painters points’, which are small arrow tip-style buttons that can be inserted snugly into the centre of each Bench Gripper. When positioned beneath freshly painted objects such as timber shelves, these points provide an ideal minimal-contact platform for unblemished drying.


“As far as home applications are concerned, the sky is the limit,” says Timbermate Group’s Chief Executive Officer Warren Mymin. “Bench Grippers are perfect for stabilising furniture like beds, entertainment units or workstations, and they are also highly useful as levels on uneven surfaces.”


Furthermore, anti-vibration characteristics make the Bench Gripper a star performer under sound systems, gym equipment, washing machines, blenders and other heavy appliances, reducing noise and protecting floor surfaces. “So, homeowners, as well as neighbours in multi-residential dwellings, will appreciate the great amenity that Bench Grippers provide,” Mr Mymin adds.


Commercial applications are equally important, including sound abatement and machinery stabilisation when used under generators, compressors, industrial washers and other heavy-duty mechanical equipment. The Bench Gripper is lightweight, washable, and can withstand loads up to 450 kgs.

Now available from Bunnings, the Bench Gripper is presented in handy, hang-sell blister packs (eight units and painter points per pack). RRP: $22.50.


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