Within the space of a few hundred years, colonising Europeans felled huge tracts of old growth forests throughout the world. Like Australia’s red cedar, the long-lived giant kauri trees of New Zealand were dealt a similar fate.

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"He leaps in scale from larger than life to the most delicate netsuke. He is comfortable with wood, stone or bronze. He can work in stylised abstract or stark literal realism." Evan Dunstone reviews the work of Silvio Apponyi.

Arnhem Land makers and Melbourne based designers are collaborating to produce a range of high-end furniture.

Paul Freeland, rock musician, woodworker, furniture maker, sculptor and teacher passed away on Friday April 17 – may his creative spirit remain with us all and forever with future designers, artists and makers.

An interview with Wood Review author Andrew Potocnik.

Photography, drafting, desktop publishing, audio equipment and of course woodworking are just some of interests that fire up the talented creator of our technical drawings.

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