Matthew Parvin, Woodworkers Tool Chest (Student Awards 2018)

At age five I received my first set of tools and a tool bench and my love of woodwork began. Both my Dad and Pa are my inspiration and both have impressive tool collections. As a result I wanted to start my own collection, and this was the motivation for the creation of the tool chest. It appears in shape to be like any other, with a curved lid which would commonly open by lifting. Instead it slides open from the centre. Space is created within the lid with the inclusion of the hidden drawers, which would not have been achievable if it opened like a normal chest. There were many creative and innovative tools and techniques used in its construction. The most significant was the use of flexible plywood and dovetail slides in the lid, along with the inclusion of the internal carcase which formed the skeleton of the piece. The ply enabled a smooth curve to be achieved as it was laminated over a mould. Later a veneer was applied to create the appearance of a solid piece of American walnut. The drawers were specifically designed to suit the tools they would contain. Finally the use of mechanical drawer runners allowed for smooth sliding drawers, despite added weight. Overall I feel that I have achieved my goal of creating a beautiful, yet functional, heirloom that my family is proud of. Photos: Marian Parvin Date of making: 01/11/17-31/07/18 Materials used: American walnut and beech Dimensions: 750 x 450 x 540mm Year 12, St Clare's High School, NSW. Teacher: Mark O'Neill