Anais Poussin, Wooden Combs (Art & Accessories)

In August 2020 I started making wooden combs. I made five sets and each set is made up of three combs with various teeth spacing to suit different hair type – frizzy, curly and straight. Like in many of my woodworking projects, I used offcuts of timber which would usually be deemed as firewood. I enjoy rescuing small and oddly shaped pieces of timber and transforming them into objects that are beautiful and functional. In this project I have used maple, including a piece of birdseye maple, walnut, American ash and curly redgum. Each comb is made up of two small pieces of timber that are hand planed and once the lap joint is completed, the combs are hand shaped and refined using a power carving tool. All four sides and edges taper by a gentle curve making them feel light and comfortable to hold. Other considerations to help with the combs' longevity included the grain direction, waterproof glue, and a non-toxic and natural finish.