Zhenrui Cao, Vienna Wall Clock (Student awards 2017)

Vienna Wall Clock, finished August 2017, made from Fijian mahogany,dimensions: 1.1 x 0.3metres. I recreated the Vienna style wall clock that originated in England in 19th century. I used current technology to help me re-design and produce this piece. I used a domino machine to join the middle section of the clock and the spindles were done on the lathe, the drawer at the bottom was done by box joiner and the bottom base was cut on the panel saw and shaped with hand plane. The crown of the clock was turned on the lathe tool and then cut in half. All the small spindles were done on the lathe tool as well. I used wipe-on poly (gloss) as finish. Zhenrui Cao, Year 12, The King's School, NSW. Teacher: Brian Davey