Jordan Bull, Unique Tenor Acoustic Ukulele (Student Awards 2019)

I have created a quality musical instrument with a deep, beautiful tone made from mostly Australian native species. I used jarrah and red cedar for the head and neck, and camphor laurel for the back and sides with a solid Huon pine top. The bridge is made of zebrawood. I challenged myself to create all the parts of a ukulele solely from timber, even the parts usually made from metal. The rosette detail is made from abalone shell. The result is a unique, solid-top tenor ukulele that looks great and has a full, warm and very nice sound. The ukulele is handcrafted to the highest level and I’ve had professional musicians play it and wanted to buy. Throughout the process I designed, problem solved, made and adapted tools to suit what I wanted, I used a range of steam-bending techniques, CNC machines, power tools, hand tools and the body and the abalone shell binding and details were all done by hand. I believe I set myself a challenge, learned lots along the way and exceeded the goals I’d set. I am extremely happy and proud of the finished product and have enjoyed being able to play and perform with my Ukulele. Year 11, Nepean Christian School. Teacher: Ray Wilkinson