Cedric Néret, Under the lily pads (WORLD 2021)


All of a sudden I'm a frog, leaping and jumping is the only way to go. The nature all around me has grown wild as a magic bean in the land of the giants. Looking for my pond, I raise my eyes to a strange sky where water lilies grow in lush luxuriance. In the middle of this heap I find a crystalline flower emitting a soft a warm glow that creates light reflections on the foliage around it. The lily pads, large and undulating, give me an irrepressible urge to bask on them for the afternoon... Final school project, Under the lily pads was made in partnership with my cousin Jacob Nordin for the glass globe. I made the mold out of cherry wood, he blew hot glass in it and sent me back the globe. Except for the molded lily pads made in flexible panels, the rest of the piece uses only yellow birch in all sorts of different ways and cuts.