Carter Harris, TV and Entertainment Unit (Student Awards 2019)

I wanted to design and construct a contemporary television cabinet that encompasses the objectives of functionality and aesthetics. To ensure the functionality of the cabinet is beneficial, it’s composed with two push-to-open drawers to locate DVD’s, magazines and games. The doors have acoustically transparent mesh to produce a high quality rhythm from the contained speakers. The spacious open compartment and substantial surface area on top of the cabinet allows positioning for the television, record player and design features e.g candles. To achieve an aesthetically pleasing design I attempted to compose the piece with complex joinery such as angled bridle jointed legs, front edged mitres and precise drawer dovetails, whilst also incorporating appealing hardware, contrasting dark and light timbers, to overall produce an appealing symmetrical project. I decided the characteristics of American white oak were appealing and this was used for the majority of my project, however, I wanted a contrast of light and dark timbers in which is evident on the drawer face through the use of Burmese walnut and also plywood on the back of the cabinet. Furthermore, for the speakers to produce a high quality rhythm I used acoustically transparent black mesh between the door frames. Ultimately, the construction of the design was extremely challenging and tested my ability due to varying problems, however through the expert advice from my teachers and problem solving I was able to produce a cabinet in which I will cherish for many years. American oak designer entertainment unit. Year 12, St Paul's Catholic College, Manly. Teacher: Dale Casburn