Jack Opperman, Tool Box (Student Awards 2019)

My aim in year 12 was to create a tool box to use in my future career as a carpenter to store tools such as chisels and a claw hammer. I wanted to create a tool box with a modern design, which was aesthetically pleasing but practical and robust, satisfying the fact in which it would be used in a harsh working environment. I was inspired by toolbox designs on Pinterest as well as many Instagram pages. I further gained a knowledge of what was needed within a tool box after consulting many carpenters. In constructing my toolbox I intended to meet my own personal requirements making it ergonomically friendly as I ensured that the toolbox was not too heavy but was able to store the intended hand tools. This tool box consists of a white oak veneer ply frame with an angle cut of 74 degrees creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance, mimicking the angle throughout my drawer faces and edging for the frame work in which the drawers slide into. I have contrasted American white oak with American walnut to show the diversity in colour of the two timbers. This project has tested me throughout the research and design modification process resulting in several modifications along the way. I have used multiple joinery skills such as doweled domino joints, rebate joints, housing joints, wedged dowel joints, cross halving joints and mitre joints to ensure the box is sturdy and able to withstand the working environment. Year 12, Trinity Grammar School. Teacher: Ben Treloar