Tanika Goodman, Steam Bent Timber Bath Tub (Student Awards 2018)

I began constructing my timber bath and bath table made from Alpine ash in December 2017. Overall, I went through three different methods of producing steam and three different timber bending dyes, finishing with a CNC routed dye in April 2018. I had to learn how long to steam the timber for, the radius that could be achieved, how to bend the timber without it cracking and its spring back once taken off the dye. Each length of steam bent timber that made up the base of the bath was doweled together and attached to the bath side panels in a routed groove. Bending the timber was a huge challenge as it required the perfect amount of expansion; too much expansion would cause the timber to crack, but not enough would cause the timber to wrinkle or buckle. Incorporating timber bending to the bath was a huge achievement and when accompanied by my timber bath table, created the modern and relaxing atmosphere I had hoped to achieve. Year 12, Jindabyne Central School, NSW. Teacher: Mr Simon Rudd