Luka Carr, Semi Hollow Guitar (Student Awards 2019)

For my major project I created a semi hollow guitar with carved tops and backs. The inspiration towards creating this piece came from a quarter sized guitar I made from all reclaimed materials in year 10, this launched me into endless research of all things guitar and the craft of luthiery. Starting my major project I aimed to create a high quality and complex guitar that not only sounded and played comfortably but also looked highly visually appealing. During the design stage countless sketches aided in the creation of the design which I then transferred to scale onto CAD. This was one of the hardest stages due to the angles and complex curves (particularly on the tops and backs. Throughout the hardships and successes within the production of this guitar I learnt a great deal, not only to do with woodworking and lutherie side but also valuable life lessons. Some tasks required thinking and rethinking, trying and trying again, until I had achieved the quality workmanship that I demanded for the project. This attitude resulted in working countless hours that I wasn't expecting myself to need as well as a budget far greater than originally expected. The lamination of the sides best reflect this statement, due to the incredibly tight curves that I was attempting to force the timber into it resulted in a huge amount of trial and error. A major lesson that I have taken away from the experience is that hard and efficient work leads to great results that I can take pride in. Overall I'm incredibly happy with how my major project exceeded the goals that I had set myself at the start of the year, although by far the most satisfying element is knowing that for the following decades I know that I'll have a beautiful looking and playing instrument that when seen within my room will be a reminder of what a little dedication and hard work can result in. Year 12, Freshwater Senior Campus. Teacher: Ben Percy