Macy Scouller, Portable wooden hammock (Student Awards 2018)

A portable wooden hammock was created for a family situated in the remote location of Cow Bay. It offers a portable external sleeping and resting unit to be situated where every clientele requires it. Materials incorporated were old decking kwila wood- sourced from recycled wood from school and spur mahogany, grown and sawmilled at my family home. The project’s timeline was 8th September 2017- 20th February 2018. Dimension of the hammock is 3500mm in length, 1500mm in height and 1000mm in thickness. The method used to construct this project consisted of sawmilling wood while thicknessing it, as well as the recycled wood. Nail and screw holes along with natural groves were filled with clear epoxy and sanded, to improve strength and overall aesthetics. A docking saw was utilised to cut timber to size and length. Furthermore, an adjustable table on a drill-press was used to drill varying angled and sized holes. A chain was attached to the top and bottom of either side of the hammock to allow varying sized arches being formed. As well as the wooden component a canvas hammock was sewed containing a foam insert for general comfort. Two pockets containing dowel inserts with ropes around them were attached to the hammock. Year 12, Mossman State High School, Qld. Teacher: Neville Mogg