Miki Trbojevich, Pod Chair (Student Awards 2019)

My 2019 Industrial Technology major project was notably inspired by a range of previous projects produced by elite designers as well as previous students. Grasping the combination of contemporary elements with hints of Danish designs brought upon an aim to produce a piece which is functional whilst also illustrating technical and advanced skills. During the process of production there were many complications which I came across which illustrated the complexity of each skill. To ensure that the coopering was correct, the use of CAD ensured that the two angles on each side were extremely precise with these being calculated to the second decimal point to prevent the likelihood of gaps occurring. This was one of the most time consuming stages as I was needing to ensure every stage in CAD was accurate whilst also being able to construct two jigs which would be durable for all nine segments, after going under weeks of experimentation to produce each equal segments. Another complex process which was undertaken was the process of routing out the knuckles between two of the bottom segments. The complications which occurred during this process included the accuracy of angle as the knuckle needed to align perfectly. To guarantee the routing was correct I traced the shape onto the segments as well as making a jig which would then hold a stencil above the project in the alignment of the drawn on sketch. I then placed them up vertically so that the router stays parallel to the ground which made the process much easier rather than having to hold the router on an angle. This experience was something I would never regret as everyday I was learning skills and establishing a passion for the furniture industry. Year 12, Freshwater Senior Campus. Teacher: Ben Percy