Finn Johnson, Outback Banjo (Student Awards 2018)

The Outback Banjo design was inspired by famous bluegrass however, an Australian theme was integrated into the design. The resonator is a river redgum burl sourced from central New South Wales, and the neck and head of the banjo are fiddle-back ironbark. The redgum used in the body and the burl were all sourced from my grandpa's farm and were gathered by the local woodcutter. The Banjo is 100% native Australian wood with several coats of Danish oil finish added to strengthen the wood and provided longevity to the life of the wood. The instrument has a natural twang to it, it has the distinctive metallic sound that is found in bluegrass, folk and country music. I am extremely pleased with how this product turned out and how it sounds, I look forward to playing in the years to come. Year 11, Haileybury College, Vic. Teacher: Stephen Hughes