Mark Repaci, Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair (Student Awards 2019)

This is my mid-century modern lounge chair, inspired by the original Z-chair designed by Poul Jensen. It is my major work for industrial timber in year 12 as well as a present to my parents for my last six years at school. The chair is made out of Tasmanian blackwood and small amounts of wenge for added contrast, which was used for the wedges in my through wedged mortise and tenons at the tops of the front legs. The rest of the chair is joined with various size dominos. The entire chair was rounded over using a router table and handheld router as well as many hours with various shapes of sanding block to achieve different curves. The chair was built over the last two terms in the 2019 year 12 school calendar. Trinity Grammar School. Teacher: Ben Treloar