Beau Eilander, Marri Pepper Grinder (Student Awards 2017)

This in-school project was a designed, created and finished through the use of a hand held router and the lathe. By using a locking system I was able to pinpoint certain faces on the wood every revolution to use the to shape the wood into the octagon you see. By using the hand held router I could trim the faces into the shape I wanted by following a template I had created. The head was a difficult part of the pepper grinder. Because the lathe wasn't set up for a template, the total shape I had created couldn't be fully used. Therefor the head of the pepper grinder was done by eye, not full well knowing whether I could create the right shape. The finished project turn out fabulously, and with a couple coats of lacquer this fine curly marri pepper grinder gleamed with satisfaction. Beau Eilander, John Calvin Christian College, WA. Teacher: Marius vanderLecq