Georgia Poyner, Marine Themed Coffee Table (Student Awards 2018)

Construction began term 4 of 2017, finishing on the 16/8/18. Main materias: Recycled blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon), commercially sourced abalone shells ( Haliotidae) and Norglass liquid glass epoxy resin. Dimensions: 1000 x 675 x 451mm high The reason I chose to make this project is through my love of the ocean and my passion for free diving/spearfishing. I also really enjoy art and wanted to turn a relatively simple piece of furniture into something unique. This item will be used to bring people together and to share our fishing stories around. Having never carved before I decided to carve the two outside surfaces of each leg with kelp and fish scale pattern. This was done so by routering out majority of the waste material and then smoothing over with carving tools. To help set the themed I decided to router a yellowfin tuna design into the top of my table which was then inlaid with smashed abalone shell which had been cleaned in hydrochloric acid. The shells were then set into the table in liquid glass. Year 12, Narooma High School. Teacher: Peter Zideluns