Jeff Maker, Luna Chair (WORLD 2021)


Luna takes inspiration from the long and varied history of the human relationship to the moon. seeking to combine visual references to folk imagery of the moon as an intangible but potent cultural image and the imagery of the moon Apollo moon landings when human kind first brought the moon within the tangible sphere of the human universe. The potency an influence of the moon on human culture and development has been and remains significant as it offers us both connection and perspective on ourselves in relation to the wider world. In The story of the man on the moon who was often portrayed as a woodsman who was banished to the moon for harvesting wood on a holy day or without permission. Related stories in eastern culture tell of the lady of the moon who is sent to earth and is discovered by a bamboo harvester who takes her in and cares for her as a baby. After growing into a woman of great beauty and rejecting the advances of many noblemen she returns to her family on the moon leaving the adoptive parents blessed to find gold in every bamboo stalk they harvest. Equally the Apollo moon landings inspired awe and new found appreciation of the moon using the language of science. Images of the Apollo missions offer us a sense of awe for our own abilities when human ingenuity is applied to a task whilst also reminding us of our frailty and isolation within the galaxy in highlighting the huge effort required to reach our nearest celestial body, many times closer than any other. The frame itself takes reference from the Apollo lunar lander whilst the tapered mortice and tenon joinery was chosen as reference to the joinery used in traditional welsh stick chairs which were traditionally produced by bodgers who worked in and with the woodlands in western cultures. With the addition of the carved seat and back as well as small crater details evocative of the moons surface. Luna seeks to combine these visual and conceptual references offering a connection with these ideas of the moon and its enduring influence on humanity across all cultures.