Cameron Wilden, LED Display Cabinet (Student Awards 2019)

This is the display cabinet that I made from the 28/01/2019 to the 08/11/2019. The timber materials I used were radiata pine, jarrah, Tasmanian oak, plywood, and blackwood. Other materials used included 4mm glass, handles, drawer runners, hinges, and LED strips. The dimensions for this cabinet are 1300mm width, 1500mm height, and 420mm depth. The joints used for this project were dominos and each panel is held together with biscuit joints. I chose to silicone the glass in the doors and the LED lighting is run off a 12V transformer. The stylistic features I added to my design was through capping timber horizontally with jarrah timber and vertically with Tasmanian oak. The feature panel constructed uses approximately 100 dominos which will prevent warping and it is made out of radiata pine, jarrah, and blackwood. Overall, this project has achieved what it was designed to do and gives off an amazing aesthetical style. Year 12, Emmaus Christian College, SA. Teacher: Greg King