Morgan Fawzi, Laminated Hallway Table (Student Awards 2017)

Name: Laminated Hallway Table Date: 16th February 2017 to 8th August 2017 Materials Used: American walnut and kauri pine Dimensions: Length=1060mm Width=570mm Height=940mm Description: I designed a hallway table with the combination of modern and federation styles. The hallway table includes storage areas and showcases the beauty of the grain of American walnut throughout the job by having a continuous grain. In addition lamination was used to form the three different radius curves that constructed the legs. The top of the job features a checkered inlay of American walnut and kauri pine. In order to bring the job together dovetail joints were used to construct the drawers, housing joints for the carcass as well as miter joints. Domino joints were also used throughout. Gluing was done with PVA and epoxy resin. To finish the job with a wow factor a combination of tung oil, linseed oil and melted beeswax was boiled and applied to the job. Morgan Fawzi, Year 12, Holy Cross College, Ryde, NSW. Teacher: Daniel Junge