Anthony Drabsch, Jigsaw Clock (ART, OBJECTS 2021)

What sets this clock apart from most other clocks made of timber is that, from necessity and by design, the wheels are not cut as a single piece but as many pieces, joined to form each wheel. It is rewarding giving old timber a new life. The timber in this clock is reclaimed from fence posts (red gum), tongue and groove floorboards (Tassie oak) and an old tank stand (mixed Australian hardwood). With any at-hand material the dimensions are predetermined. This method of construction came about because the floorboards were 70mm wide and the wheels needed to be over 300mm in diameter – this joining system was the result. This method also takes advantage of the strength of wood’s grain – the force on each tooth is perpendicular to the grain ensuring maximum strength. The jigsaw theme is repeated throughout the clock with many of the joints (other than the wheels) a press fit, not glued. In this way the clock pulls apart into its component pieces – much like a jigsaw. More details and photos on the construction process can be found here