Robert Pace, Jarrah Display Cabinet (Student Awards 2019)

The Jarrah Display Cabinet was designed to be implemented into a contemporary styled home. It is a multipurpose storage and display cabinet for the living room area and or main entrance into the home. The construction of the display cabinet will utilise a variety of researched processes and technologies suitable for the project such as, machinery, tools, materials and joinery. Traditional and new joinery techniques have been used in the construction such as domino joints, mitre joints, stopped housing joint, halving joints, dovetail joints and rebate/recessed joints. A clear lacquer was applied to finish the Jarrah Display Cabinet using spray on method. Components in the project include tabletop, shelf, side panels, drawers and doors. The cabinet will be utilised to store personal items, and display memorabilia like trophies and model cars. A production video was made with this project, to reminisce on the hard work put into it for years to come. Year 12, Clancy Catholic Collage. Teacher: Michael Magnussen