Tom Kelly, Hollow Timber Surfboard (Student Awards 2019)

I created a hollow core timber surfboard to suit my local surf break, whilst also functioning as an artwork when not being used. My purpose was to make it a very aesthetically pleasing board and still be able to ride it effectively while being durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions that I will be riding it in. The hollow board is primarily made of paulownia, with top deck laminations of Tasmanian blackwood. The handcrafted glassed-on fins were made with Tasmanian blackwood. Throughout the process of making my surfboard, I learnt a lot about the functioning factors required for a surfboard to glide along the wave face. Rocker templates, concaves and different rail profiles all had critical roles within my creating my final shape. It required hollow internal bracing techniques, laminating, fin templating, and hand shaping techniques. My ultimate satisfaction of the board came when I was able to test it out on a small day at a local beach. I was overly pleased with the result and that it met all my expectations. I am also thankful for the advice of local shaper and glasser Adam Casey from Imprint Surfboards. Year 12, St Edwards College, Gosford. Teacher: Karl Beemster