Ashlee Stevens, Grandfather Clock (Student)

I constructed a Hermle grandfather clock from American white oak for my Industrial Technology Timber HSC major project. I intended for this piece to be a standout, showpiece, heirloom throughout my family. I chose to integrate a variety of different techniques throughout the project including moulding, shaping, inlay and CNC carving. The inlay horseshoe was an intricate design choice incorporated to test my computer design skills and to better suit the project to the design intent. I hand shaped the pediment curve of the clock in order to broaden my skill set and to create an aesthetically pleasing component of the project. Many different mouldings and shapes were used throughout the project and this allowed me to advance my skillset through using the edge trimmer and table router. To complete these components I had to change and alter many different router bits and combine the concepts of different router bits. My teacher and I were very happy with the outcome of the project as I feel it suited the design concept and was very aesthetically pleasing. School: St Benedicts Catholic College. Teacher: Mr Bradley Gavin