Sean Deane, Flow Chair (Student Awards 2019)

“It is not about being “inspired” by nature. Rather it’s the application of a natural process” – Ross Lovegrove. Ross Lovegrove’s theory of natural evolution consolidating that anything that isn't needed within nature is taken away naturally. Justifying the simplicity of nature. This quote has inspired me to create a piece that flows simply and controls the amount of unnecessary material used. I’ve further been inspired by Markowitz Design on the Mobius chair and the Tonon Collection of chairs designed by Martin Ballendat. Both these projects display high levels of woodworking, giving me the inspiration to create a sense of belonging through the natural environment. I will be aiming to create for my project, a piece that will complete a space in my parent's new beach themed living room. My interior furniture piece will provide a comfy simplistic chair for relaxing and reading. This project will follow the theme and complement the surrounding environment of the waves and flowing of the surf with a contemporary timber design. This will further give a flow of comfort and elegance displayed through the ocean. This will ultimately support my project in aesthetically pleasing the audience from any viewpoint. This project will contain an extensive range of skills, techniques, limited material and a wide range of technologies. Some techniques and skills that are included in creating this project will be such as joinery with curves. To achieve this, I will need to learn from my Industrial Technology teacher. The available materials will be based on local timbers such as Tasmanian oak or Tasmanian dark wood. Technologies that will need to be considered are Autodesk Fusion 360 with Adobe illustrator and other software. Through the construction of my project, I used a wide range of skills, process and jig making to complete this project. Some of the most challenging construction were the full-scale jig construction. Furthermore the maloof joint at the back legs are at a 10 degree splay which was very challenging to achieve. Overall it was the experience of creating this project that opened my eyes to the enjoyment of timber creation. Sean Deane, Year 12, Freshwater Senior Campus. Teacher: Ben Percy