David Lawson, Floating standing desk (STUDENT 2021)

As part of my year 12 Industrial Technology Timber course, I have designed and created a functional and intricate standing desk from Australian Mahogany, New Guinea Rosewood, and Rock Maple. The top piece and drawer carcass have been given the illusion that they are floating, which was inspired by traditional Japanese furniture. The angled drawers give the piece an added touch of detail and compliment the tapered, routed, and hand-shaped legs beautifully, giving the piece a sense of delicacy while still remaining sharp and clean. The bent lamination, V-shaped support on the rear, works together with the legs to add a continued floating appearance. Countless hours have been spent perfecting the processes involved with this piece, which have only added to the diverse joinery and skills that have been required, which has been particularly difficult during my most challenging school year. I am exceptionally pleased with the final result and have been able to successfully achieve all my goals, leaving me with a lifelong masterpiece that will be enjoyed by myself, my friends, family, and generations to come.