Sol Brownlow, Entertainment Unit/Credenza (Student Awards 2019)

Taking inspiration from people like Adam Markowitz design, I spent this year making a product based from pre-determined intent and extensive designing. “The final product exhibits a range of unique design features, skills and materials.” - statement of intent is supported by the final product and the carefully selected high quality timber manipulation processes. I faced many hurdles but developed as a woodworker and designer from things like sanding through veneers and spring back in laminations. These helped me to develop my skills and gain experience in the process. The extensive research and learning allowed me to reach high standards. Incorporating different design features from modern and traditional techniques was one of my main focuses, displayed in components like the design and production of the complex leg construction and the long established marquetry process completed in a contemporary way using a laser cutter. I found every step a new challenge with the tremendous amount of high level techniques introduced to the final piece. I am extremely happy with the final outcome and even more pleased with the knowledge gathered and the fine furniture and joinery skills developed and learned throughout the past year. I was able to demonstrate the ability to produce a high quality and beautiful piece using standard grade timbers. I wrangled with this project and everything attached for hours. Plenty of routed joinery and hand tool use where the key processes involved, a lick of finish and the final piece came together and I am extremely happy with the final outcome. Year 12, Freshwater Senior Campus. Teacher: Ben Percy