Gabriella Bombara, Dressing Table and Makeup Desk (Student Awards 2017)

For year 12, students were required to demonstrate and construct a piece of timber furniture with the development of skills. For my major project I intended on making a makeup desk/dressing table that would be the main piece of furniture in my wardrobe. Completing this desk was an opportunity of a life time that allowed me to develop new skills with the end result of a beautiful desk that I will be able to use on an everyday basis. The legs of the desk are one of the main features of the desk, the unique look is aesthetically appealing and grabs individuals’ attention. All the little decorative features around the desk including the back paneling of the mirror and floating shelving were completed with a new technique that I learned called veneering. Overall the task to construct a piece of timber furniture developing new skills is something that I will be able to use further on in my future with design making and construction. Dressing Table/Makeup Desk. Gabriella Bombara, Northern Beaches Secondary College, Freshwater Campus, NSW. Teacher: Ben Percy