Riley Talmage, Contemporary Entertainment Unit (Student)

My old Entertainment Unit in my home was lacking character and style, this was why i decided to create this gorgeous piece of furniture. Its unique use of hexagonal shapes and angles are very unique and often discarding within traditional furniture. So thought to myself why aren't these exquisite features included. During the idea generation process, I was influenced by a YouTube video that included a hexagonal wine rack that immediately caught my attention. The rack used walnut and maple elements that gave the piece a gorgeous contrast that I also wanted to emulate within my own piece. When creating my initial designs for my entertainment unit I wanted to include the use of a colourful and jaw-dropping camphor laurel slab, this ultimately being my feature piece. It is definitely evident that this design feature was crucial in order to make the piece look finished overall. The hardest process within my Entertainment unit was definitely creating 60 degree dovetail drawers. These drawers required a substantially high grade of precision and patience to get right, though i spent hours upon hours on my drawers the final result was 100% worth it. When deciding on the use timber I ultimately went with Tasmanian oak as it is overall blonde timber that doesn't take away from the feature slab adjacent to the timber. I also included to use Jarrah to separate sections from one another and give the job a subtle touch that compliments the piece overall. I am extremely proud of what i was able to create within the time constraints that i had to work with, though as Sir and I can agree those 8 pm finishes sure were tiring but ultimate were needed in order to create this amazing piece of furniture. School: Tyndale Christian School, teacher: Edgar Luke