Taliesin Ryan, Compositions of a Desk (Student Awards 2017)

This work is the next life for an old piano. The piano itself was made in the 1800s and was now, in the modern day, untuneable and therefore considered 'worthless'. However with such beauty in its craftsmanship, I wanted to give it a second life. So I completely disassembled the old piano, using a variety of tools. Incorporating as much of the old piece as possible, I rebuilt it into something new. The main things taken away included the soundboard, the keys and the hammers. To turn this piano into the desk it is now, various unstained pine additions were made which can be clearly identified against the dark veneer of the old piano. This new structure includes multiple features that reference to its heritage, but it is, in short, the reincarnation of a piano. Taliesin Ryan, Year 12, Mt Barker Waldorf, SA. Teacher: Peder Vanloewe