Nicholas Prentice, Coffee Table With Inlay (Student awards 2017)

This coffee table is a contemporary and modern coffee table suits any home of today, as it involves contrasting colours, smooth curved edges as well as hard straight edges to continue the flow of existing furniture. It contains three drawers, which are located underneath the tabletop for adequate storage of newspapers, TV guides, remotes, etc. The size of which I wanted it to be completed was around 1000mm by 500mm. I have successfully achieved this size to fit into a variety of house hold spaces. The timber that I chose for this coffee table Tasmanian blackwood and Tasmanian oak blends into the darker style furniture already existing around the house. The traditional joining techniques through out this piece such as dovetails in the drawers and mortise and tenon in the legs have been used for both aesthetics and strength. I believe this coffee table is strong and well built for future use. Nicholas Prentice, Year 12, St Johns College Dubbo. Teacher: Mark Scullard