Jessie-Anne Pankiw, Circle Cabinet (Student Awards 2017)

Date of making: 14/02/2017 - 29/06/2017 Materials Used: Industrial plywood Dimensions: 800 x 810 x 515mm The idea behind the Circle Cabinet was to produce a piece of furniture based around the theme of time. The cabinet closely resembles an old-fashioned alarm clock, which is where the main drive of inspiration came from. Although plywood is not the most pleasantly appealing material, the challenge was to utilise a plain, simple material. The Circle Cabinet was created by constructing two outer circles and joining them to the shelf inside. Plywood slats were then cut, nailed and glued to the outside of these circle frames. The Circle Cabinet was finished with Cabot’s water based Cabothane Clear varnish. Jessie-Anne Pankiw, Year 11, Rosny College, Hobart. Teacher: Eric Price. Photos: Yonna Pankiw