Chelsea Lemon, Chelsea Lemon Design (Studio Furniture 2018)

Chelsea Lemon is a Canberra based designer and maker who works with timber. Many of her pieces include foliage and plant themes, mixed with interactivity and the decorative woodworking technique parquetry. Chelsea’s work explores new ways of incorporating shapes into design, by creating dynamic geometric arrangements and forms that are influenced by nature. In 2015 she graduated from the Australian National University with her Honours in a Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in Furniture Design. Chelsea received the 2014 Designcraft: Craft + Design People’s Choice Award for her Triangulation Chair, and has exhibited her furniture at Parliament House, Australia. Chelsea's work questions archetypical furniture, and showcases a new and fresh approach to a traditional woodworking technique. Her practice incorporates art into craft and design, and offers a new perspective on furniture design within Australia. Website: