Christian Morfuni, Casual Lounge Chair (Student Awards 2019)

For my HSC Industrial Technology Timber and Furniture course, I decided to make a chair that could be used for indoor or outdoor purposes. After many hours of looking at possible chair designs from Pinterest and Instagram, I was inspired by the ‘Toro Lounge Chair’. This chair was pleasing to the eye and this was a starting point for me to incorporate other possible ideas for what I wanted to construct. As I am tall, I wanted to design a chair that was going to be comfortable, big enough in space and ergonomically comfortable to sit in for a longer period of time. The dimensions of my chair are 875mm (height) x 705mm (depth) x 680mm (width). I decided to use two different types of timbers for a contrasting effect so that the different colours of timbers were shown throughout. The slats were made out of American rock maple and the frames were made out of New Guinea rosewood. Due to the different and complicated angles that were exhibited in my project, I used domino joints and these joints were strong and practical for my job. To help with the construction of these joints, several jigs were made, and this ensured me that these joints were accurate and done correctly. Fiddies hard wax oil was used to finish my job and this ensured me that the oil had formed a protective layer and so that my project could last for many years to come. Year 12, Trinity Grammar School. Teacher: Ben Treloar