Ben Selig, Carafe Desk (Student Awards 2017)

AWARDED OVERALL BEST 2017 The Carafe desk, inspired by Herman Millers' Charles Wilson Carafe table, was designed and made by myself during the course of 2017 for the HSC. Made from American walnut and hoop pine laminates, it was designed to open up my room, making it feel larger due to its minimalistic design and open carcase. Its tabletop of 1800 x 750 sits 670mm off the ground and was made from biscuit jointing fine pieces of American walnut. The legs and connecting rail are laminate bent hoop pine pieces, all made from an Identical jig with walnut accents down the centre. Lastly, the drawer curves are simply shaped from an angled joint to complimenting the curves of the legs. Ben Selig, Year 12, The Kings School, NSW. Teacher: Jayden Taccori