Brooke Peters, Brooke Peters, Hallway Bench Seat (Student Awards 2018)

This project is made from rock maple, jarrah and jarrah veneered plywood. The drawer fronts are mainly rock maple with jarrah around the edges, inside the drawers and the handles. This ensures the project has a balance of both timbers. The use of chamfers helps to make this product more practical for applying finish and overall durability of the product. There was a wide variety of techniques used to complete this product to the highest possible standard as well as the overall appearance. The design of this project had to fit within the dimensions of 600 high, 1500 wide and 650 deep. The final product ended up being 515 high, 1250 wide and 615 deep. The design on the top was an offset V chevron pattern, which had over 30 hours worth of work just for the completion of that one part. Date of Completion: 16/08/2018. Year 12, Magdalene Catholic High School. Teacher: Ian Gorrie Photographer: Harlee Amlot and myself