Macy Scouller, Arduino LED wall mounted Clock (Student Awards 2018)

An Arduino LED wall mounted clock was created for the remote community, Cow Bay. Allowing the clock to be read from a distances via the coded illuminated surface. Materials incorporated were Rose Mahogany, grown and saw-milled at my family home. The project’s timeline was 24th April-11th June, 2018. Dimensions of the clock surface(hexagon) face-to-face going from; left-to-right and top-to-bottom is 410mm, and the thickness being 57mm. The method used to construct this project consisted of saw-milling in preparation to thicknessing the wood. Two lots of two pieces of wood were biscuit-jointed together with a center hexagon/rectangle being cut from the top and base wood. A Docking saw was used to cut the hexagon exterior followed by a drill-press used to drill second, minute and hours holes with varying sizes to add depth. Finally it was assembled and all surfaces were penetrolled. Furthermore, RGB’s were inserted into the specifically designed holes with wires connecting every 8 cluster of LED’s(anodes) together. The wiring coordination was to suit a charlieplex wiring system, with an RTC chip coded directly imputing the time to the Arduino Mega 2560. Thus, relaying on the time set to the RTC chip illuminating the corresponding LED's to reflect the time. Year 12, Mossman State High School, Qld. Teacher: Neville Mogg